Computer graphics and game development


They study programming languages and web development technologies, window and mobile applications, general theory of software design, construction and modeling.


The process of site production, which consists of technical development, creation of a convenient structure of the web page, graphic design and transmission of information on the network

Game development

Development of game applications using Unity, virtual reality technologies, intelligent technologies


The process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object

Computer graphics

The set of theoretical and practical knowledge used in their work by specialists in the field of computer engineering, programming, information systems and technologies. This specialty is in line with world standards, because a traditional Bachelor of Computer Science program abroad is a traditional Bachelor’s Degree Program in Computer Science.

Computer Science graduates can work in the highest paying positions: Computer Science graduates can work in the highest paid positions:

  • Web Designer;
  • designer of software interfaces;
  • game application developer;
  • mobile app developer;
  • software engineer;
  • Web programmer;
  • database developer / administrator;
  • software tester.

The most prepared students have the opportunity to work in the specialty, starting from the second year.

If you are interested in game development, you are passionate about the process of its creation – the direction of learning Game development is just for you!

By learning this specialty, you will learn how to create a game concept, use game engines to create levels, use programming languages ​​used in game implementation, use physical engines to simulate natural phenomena, artificial intelligence to control characters, and graphic programs to create scene elements.

In addition to technical skills, students also learn how to promote a game, how to build a game to make it attractive to the player, and what business models can be used to make the game commercially successful. During the course, students will execute projects on their own and in teams, whereby they will acquire the practical skills needed to create a fully functional video game.

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